This Torsion Dance Theatre Company


This Torsion Dance Theatre

This Torsion Dance Theatre was established in 2001 for want of creating expression through the beauty and mystery of the dancing body. This Torsion creates dance work involving the dance, theatre, live & recorded music and voice.  Artistic Director Niamh Condron.

Adults Yoga Classes 

On Tuesday eve and Sunday mornings Niamh Condron teaches Yoga FLOW for adults in Bray.  Yoga sequences taught increase mobility, flexibility & tone in challenging yet manageable classes.  Intermediate and Beginner Level.  Monthly workshops.

Dance Kaleidoscope for Kids!

Saturday Dance School - Niamh Condron, artistic director of This Torsion Dance Theatre, teaches Dance Kaleidoscope for Kids.  This is a fun & energetic dance class for ages 3+ where children learn exciting ways to dance, invent & perform. Killruddery House & Gardens, Bray.

torsion [tawr-shuhn]

1. the act of twisting.
2. the state of being twisted.

3. a. the twisting of a body by two equal and opposite torques.
    b. the internal torque so produced.

4. a. the degree of departure of a curve from a plane.
    b. a number measuring this.

In Dance I find my inner Kingdom of freedom me there

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Niamh Condron

in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

since 2018