torsion (twisting motion); the more one twists it, the more force it takes to twist it further.

This Torsion History

This Torsion Dance Theatre is based in Dublin, Ireland, and works with dance, live music, voice and text.   Artistic Director, Niamh Condron, has been working as a dance artist with a focus on human movement potential for 17 years. She established This Torsion Dance Theatre, upon premiering a duet between cello and dancer in 2001. 

In 2012, Niamh performed with musician Paul Tracey at the LA Improv Dance Festival.  In 2012 Niamh established Dance Kaleidoscope for Kids - classes in Creative Dance for children and teenagers.  In 2010 Niamh collaborated with dance artist Iu-Hui Chua, San Francisco, on a piece for the San Francisco International Arts Festival after having been based between San Francisco and Europe for 3 years.  While in California Niamh also worked with Scott Wells and Dancers company and also with dance artist Justin Morrison in San Diego.  Since 2008, Niamh Condron, and Improvisation maker and pionner, Julyen Hamilton, have collaborated on a duet, ‘Bridge’, performed in Paris in February 2009,  at Dublin Fringe Festival in September 2008 and at the Vibrate Dance Festival in May 2008.  It received a 5 star review in the Irish Times newspaper.  In 2008 Niamh received a Bursary Award from the Irish Arts Council and This Torsion undertook a research project in dance Improvisation and Voice work called ‘Dance Researching Dance Researching Dance’ working with a number of local and international dance artists.  In 2007, This Torsion performed a double bill  quartet of live music, voice and dance; ‘Claude’ & ‘Ghost’s Story’ in historically rich environments of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin (the first dance company hosted), and of the National Gallery of Ireland. Also, in 2007 the company presented  a quartet of music, voice and dance "The Gold Den", supported by the Arts Council and Dance Ireland. The tour included the Mermaid Arts Centre, Wicklow and the Hawk's Well Theatre in Sligo.  In 2007 Niamh Condron performed a solo "Remember to bark" in New York's prestigious performance space; Judson Church, accompanied by American musician Jerome Morris.  In 2006 "Ghost's Story" was originally created with artists from Italy, France and Ireland and shown at the Roscommon Arts Centre as part of the first ever Vibrate Dance Festival (created by Niamh Condron).  Later in 2006 This Torsion were guests at the Irish Youth Dance Festival, performing a duet, "Still 2", in the Pavillion Theatre, Dublin.  In 2005 This Torsion created a dance film ‘No Wind No Where’ edited while Niamh was based in Paris with French film editor Cedric Defert and screened at, the 2005 Eigse Arts Festival, and it was accepted for the library of Cinedans Film Festival, Amsterdam. Also in 2005, as part of Welsh Independent Dance Choreography Project ‘Smell the Wind’, a piece for 8 dancers, was created and shown as a work-in-progress in Cardiff.  In 2004, This Torsion performed ‘2B’ at the Earthquake International Dance Festival, Northern Ireland. The company created their first dance film in 2004 called "Rush", a commission from Dublin Fringe Festival and shown in Dublin’s Project Theatre and again at the Spice Festival 2005 at Hackney Empire Theatre, London. The solo ‘Wabbit’ was created and performed by Niamh for the International Dance Festival Ireland in 2004. In 2003 This Torsion created a double bill ‘WhiteWASH’ & ‘2B’ for Dublin Fringe Festival, performed for 2 weeks, receiving highly recommendable review status with Niamh being noted as “Ireland’s most exciting new choreographer to the Irish dance scene”.  In 2002 ‘RE:Lease Me’ was commissioned, produced, and toured in Ireland, by Dance Theatre of Ireland with whom Niamh had worked with for 3 years as a company dancer.  2001 was the birth of This Torsion Dance Theatre; a duet with Cello “Duet in e sharp” at the Pavillion Theatre, Dublin  Before that Niamh had shown dance work at various choreographic platforms in Ireland and in the UK along with creating a choreography “Yesterday’s Children Tomorrow” to be part of Verve Touring group which was during her 3rd year at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, UK.

This Torsion artists are;
Iu-Hui Cua (SF)- collaborator/choreographer
Julyen Hamilton (UK) - dance & voice
Mary Nunan (Ire) - dance
Dorothy Murphy  (Ire) - voice
Charlie Morrissey (UK) - dance
Steve Batts (Ire) - dance
Laura Murphy (Ire) - dance
Jerome Morris (NY) - piano & percussion
John Condron (Ire) - piano
Ann Condron (Ire) - costume
Joan Davis (Ire) - dance
Artur Matamoro Vidal (Sp) - saxophone
Giacomo Calabrese (It) - dance/text
Cyprien Busolini (Fr) - viola
Seadna Mathews (Ire) - text/poetry
Gabriel Hermand Priquet (Fr) - dance
JJ Formento (Philipines) - dance
Nick Roth (Ire) - saxophone
Liathain Herriot (Ire) - dance
Denise Woods (Ire) - cinematography
Cedric Defert (Fr) - editing
Megan Kennedy (Ire) - dance
Nick Bryson (N Ire) - dance
Chloe De Buyl (Ire) - dance
Mark Duffy (Ire) - photography
John Daly (Ire) - photography
Denis Clohessy (Ire) - music composer
Tom Creed (Ire) - lighting