Dance Kaleidoscope for Kids!  2017!

Niamh Condron created a project with Wicklow County Council, Arts Officers and the Wicklow Local Sports Partnership developing Dance in Education in North Wicklow through 2011.  The project involved her teaching Creative Dance to Primary and Secondary School groups as well as giving teacher trainings to Primary School Teachers in teaching methods of Creative Dance.  

The aims of this Creative Dance project were to teach children the fundamentals of dance so that they began to become comfortable with movement as a means of self expression. Using Creative Dance games and exercises, the goal of class was to have children and secondary students realise their own ideas, beliefs and values for making personal and artistic decisions and choices.

Using dance elements, the classes Niamh led developed students body awareness, motor efficiency and movement communication skills. The intention was for students to encompass dance as part of healthy living where students could joyfully express feelings, thoughts and images in class.  Students became confident in their decision making and in themselves as creative people.

“In my personal misssion, I am hoping that Creative Dance becomes an on-going regular part of the Irish education curriculum.  Achieving a good response from children and from schools may mean we can look at furthering dance at the education level.  The desired outcome would be for Primary and Secondary schools in Bray and North Wicklow to make Dance an all year weekly subject taught with each Key Stage.”  Niamh Condron, 2011

Dance Kaleidoscope for Kids!

Dance Kaleidoscope is a creative style dance class suitable for boys and girls ages 3-7 years. The class is a fun, imaginative & energetic dance class developing children's body awareness from tip to toe while enhancing co-ordination & rhythm. Through active participation children learn exciting ways to dance, to invent & to perform.  Music & Drawing techniques assist the creative process of developing dances!

New term time - 2017!

 from Saturday February 4th

Drop In’s Available!

Stable Studio, Killruddery House & Gardens, Southern Cross Road, Bray

11 - 11.40am;  Ages 3-4 yrs, €60 - 6 week course (drop in €12)

11.45 - 12.30pm;  Ages 5-6 yrs, €65 - 6 week course (drop in €13)

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Children make music for their friends to dance to!  3-4years

Niamh Condron

Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Director

Niamh Condron founded & teaches Dance Kaleidoscope for Kids since 2012.  She trained with Los Angeles based Dance Artist Susan Cambigue-Tracey on the techniques of teaching Creative Dance to Children, spaced over 3 years, between 2010 to 2012.  Niamh works professionally in the field of Dance and Movement, and as a Yoga teacher. Holding a BA in Dance from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, UK, since 1999, Niamh has worked as a performer, teacher, choreographer & director around the globe. An image of Niamh Condron dancing with Dance Theatre of Ireland was featured on an Irish postage stamp as part of the Ireland 2012 Contemporary Arts Dance series issued by An Post.  Niamh created, and is Artistic Director of, a dance company called This Torsion Dance Theatre, since 2001.  She was, for 3 years running, creator and Artistic Director of the International Vibrate Dance Festival from 2005-8.  In 2010 Niamh became a Certified Yoga teacher.  She trained with YogaWorks in Los Angeles, California, after being based in San Francisco over 5 years dancing and collaborating with dance artists and choreographers.  She now teaches her work in Bray, Co Wicklow, along with being invited as guest teacher to dance events on and off, or Yoga teacher in various studios, globally.  Niamh is mother to a gorgeous little 4 year old girl called Bonnie who has been coming to the Dance Kaleidoscope for Kids classes since she was 2!

Dance Kaleidoscope is held in the The Stable Studio!

Killruddery House & Gardens,
Southern Cross Road,
Bray, Co Wicklow

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Dance ART!  Dancers draw their Dance!

5-7 years Dance!

In the past...

A little history of where Dance Kaleidoscope all started....!